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M.T. Wilson
I am a student from England, currently in my first year of university studying English Literature with Creative Writing. I’m very much enjoying it so far (apart from the fact all the coursework is due in on the same day!).

I enjoy writing a variety of genres, from fantasy to general fiction, both adult and young adult. I have two completed novels: a YA contemporary about mental illness called The Water That Sings and a YA dystopia called The Day It Rained. I also occasionally dabble in poetry and have an unfinished collection titled Why? but I mostly write novels.

My other interests are photography and singing. 

"Arise and be all that you dreamed." ~ Flyleaf


I’m Munira. I’m Muslim and from South Africa (yes, it’s a country. It’s kind of scary how many people subconsciously assume that the entirety of Africa is a single country that looks like The Lion King). I’m of Indian descent so I sometimes do things like wearing mendhi/henna and eating samosas.

I’m a Physics major at UCT- not typical of a writer. Occasionally I feel like I should be going to English class and reading literature like the cool writer kids. But I’m all about that nerd life and I love maths and science.

My writing spans across different genres. My favourites are fantasy (I’ll be asking God for a dragon if I make it to heaven), dramatic action scenes, blog posts and the odd pretentious essay.

“Be like a flower that gives its fragrance even to the hand that crushes it” - Ali ibn Abi Talib

Kristin is a seventeen-year-old member of the Canada region who is currently navigating her way through the rocky waters of high school and the mountains and valleys of a part-time job while simultaneously exploring the acre of creativity in her brain. She has been writing seriously for over five years and plans to make a career out of novel, poem, and screen-writing. Kristin has taken part in five stage productions , wrote and directed a children's play, had a poem and short story published in separate anthologies, and produced a one-act play. Aside from jotting down nonsensical words on blank pages, she enjoys theatre, skiing, astronomy, hiking eating cheesecake, speaking about herself in third person, and taking selfies with her teachers.

"Isn't there anybody else you can annoy? Friends? Family? Poisonous reptiles?" ~ Manny the Mammoth

My name is Larisa; I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm Scottish, a Gryffindor, and in my second year of studying Literature at a university which looks startlingly like Hogwarts. I spend my time reading books and arguing about them with my classmates - it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Other than reading and writing, my vices include body modification and Korean dramas. It’s an interesting mix, but I like that. Within the YA genre I usually write contemporary rom-com, but I can be seduced by the odd horror or dystopia.

"We must be swift as the coursing river; with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strentgh of a raging fire; mysterious as the dark side of a moon."

Sam here! Just another young writer who’s dabbling in all the arts he can find.

Currently, I’m doing a portfolio preparation course so that I have a good one to get into college with. Hopefully, I’ll get in and in September, I’ll be a student of Visual Communications (which is just a fancy term for Graphic Design).
My favourite thing to write, oddly enough, is contemporary fiction. The reason it’s odd is because I grew up on fantasy and lived in another world created solely by me. I thought fantasy would be the writing love of my life, but I guess life got in the way and now I’m focusing on more realistic what if questions!
I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and feel free to let me know what you think of the blog design!
"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typerwriter and bleed." ~ Ernest Hemmingway